Colin Cheong

Quick Facts

  • Nationality: Australian born Chinese (Cantonese)
  • Birthdate: 11th November (Remembrance day)
  • Favourite Colour: Blue


For a living I work as an IT professional within the Microsoft .NET space. In particular I enjoy working with web based technologies.

I have a strong history on a variety of projects and environments as an independent contractor for clients in Melbourne, Canberra and London - and also with technical consultancies Avanade (Microsoft and Accenture joint subsidiary) and EDS (now HP Enterprise Services).

Hobbies & Interests


I mainly enjoy watching AFL, Cricket, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Golf and Motor Racing. The only sport I play regularly these days is Tennis. During the Australian winte, my main religion is AFL and I'm a dedicated supporter of the mighty Hawthorn Football Club.

I also follow Chelsea FC in the English Premier League, AC Milan in the Italian Serie A and the Phoenix Suns in the NBA.


My favourite band is Radiohead and Coldplay. I also like trance such as Armin Van Buuren.


I've had a bad case of the travel bug for quite some time, and have done quite a bit of travelling over the years. Here is a ranked list of the favourite places I have been to.